Custom Mouth Guards for Kids

Custom Mouth Guards for Kids

Mar 01, 2020

There are many benefits that children who participate in athletic activities- whether organized or random- gain. Yet along with all this fun, the pride of achievement and team-building features of athletics exists a possibility of injuries. This shouldn’t make you discourage your child from engaging in sporting activities but rather propel you to learn of all the risks involved and take the necessary precautions.

Prevalence of injuries related to Sports

The National Youth Sports Safety Foundation in 2012 forecast that the sporting events of that year would see over three million teeth knocked out. Twenty-five percent of the total injuries treated in kids are sports-related. The front teeth at the top are the most affected.

What sports-related injuries can do

Apart from the accompanying trauma, injuries will result in the loss of time from work and school. Also, you will incur high costs over your lifetime in treating a missing tooth. All these can be avoided in children using a simple and relatively cheaper way to reduce dental injuries. This is where mouth guards come In- properly-fitted and comfortable.

When to wear Mouth Guards

Participating in the following school-based sports necessitates wearing a mouthguard: field hockey, football, lacrosse, and ice hockey. Still, baseball and basketball continue to record the highest number of dental injuries.

The American Dental Association advises wearing mouth guards for the following sports too: bicycling, skateboarding, volleyball, soccer and wrestling. How effective are mouth guards? The ADA established that athletes that don’t put on mouth guards have a higher likelihood of getting injured when compared to those ones that do.

Custom Mouth Guards

These are mouth guards specifically made by your dentist to suit your child’s teeth. The dentist fits the mouth guard on your child. For a mouth guard to function effectively, it is required to be in the right position when your teeth are banged. This is why it has to fit accurately and have excellent retention ability.

Because they are tailored to meet your child’s needs, custom-made mouthguards are able to stay in position as compared to over-the-counter mouth guards. They have superiority in comfort and retention. They can be made in any colors and designs.

First, your Houston pediatric dentist makes a model of your child’s teeth. The protector is then molded around it to ensure it fits perfectly. The material used in making it is tough, and of high quality, which offers maximum protection.

Why Custom Mouth Guards

  • Retention capacity – This is the ability of the mouthguard to stay intact with the teeth.
  • Protection and comfort – They are made from tough material, thus ensure maximum protection and comfort too.
  • ASD Recommendations – Mouthguards that are a proper fit are highly-encouraged by the Academy of Sports Dentistry.
  • Superiority over the rest – A study compared boil-and-bite mouthguards to the custom-made ones. It was found that custom-made mouthguards had no detrimental effects on the performance and strength of athletes. Athletes reported how comfortable they were and how they didn’t cause difficulties in breathing. Boil-and-bite mouthguards, on the other hand, were rated as uncomfortable and posed breathing difficulties.

Caring for your Mouth Guard

  • Before and after using it, since the mouthguard using cold water. Alternatively, you can rinse your mouth or clean it using a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Occasionally clean it in soapy water then thoroughly rinse it.
  • Store it in an airtight container.
  • Keep your mouthguard away from your pets. Cats and dogs can damage your appliance.
  • Keep it away from extremely high temperatures, e.g., direct sunlight and hot water. This will prevent it from changing shape.
  • Check it for wear. Replace it if it has tears or holes, or it causes you discomfort.
  • Take it with you to every dentist visit for an examination.

We at Pediatric Dental Wellness give you value for your money. If you are in Houston, you don’t have to stop the football lessons for your child. Just book an appointment with us, and we will design a mouth guard for your child. Our kids’ dentist, Houston, TX, will take care of your child’s dental health.