Custom Sports Mouthguards: Things You Need to Know

Custom Sports Mouthguards: Things You Need to Know

Dec 01, 2020

Mouthguards(referred to as sports guards or athletic mouth protectors)are an important oral appliance designed to guard the teeth, gums, and soft tissues. Mostly, these are often employed by athletes during sporting events. Custom sports mouthguards are meant to lower the risk of injuries during football or other sports.

On the off chance that your child appreciates skating, volleyball, handball, racquetball, vaulting, or boxing, plan a meeting with a pediatric dentist for a uniquely crafted mouthguard. The appliance consists of a bit of molded rubber that sits comfortably between the teeth. The rubber is soft and doesn’t damage the teeth. However, it prevents them from slipping or cracking together.

Mouthguards regularly cover the upper teeth and help to monitor the delicate tissues of your tongue, lips, and cheek lining. Additionally, mouth guards sometimes won’t prevent tooth damage in kids who grind their teeth. Sometimes, parents forget to guard their child’s smile!

With custom sports mouthguards in Houston, TX, your child can play sports confidently while being shielded from sports dental injuries. At the point when you plan a meeting with a pediatric dentist for a specially crafted mouthguard, you will get it made up of the best quality materials.

A custom-crafted mouthguard permits you to talk and inhale with no issues. An appropriately fitted mouthguard will be defensive, tear-safe, strong, bland, scentless, and unquestionably not heavy.

How is a Custom Mouthguard Made?

A custom mouthguard is formed at a dental office. Initially, the dentist takes the impression of your teeth and then sends it to a lab where they create the mouthguard. Often you’ll choose the color of your mouthguard, or select a transparent mouthguard.

Every week approximately, your mouthguard is going to be ready for testing. Dr. Ralph may have to regulate or trim it to make sure that it fits securely in your mouth. It will also accompany a case to guard it once you aren’t using it.

Who Needs a Mouthguard? 

If your child competes in a sport like football, it’s important to possess a fitted mouthguard. It’s easy to bite down on the tongue or teeth, thereby causing permanent injuries.

For health and safety, you ought to ensure your child is fully protected with the right equipment. It’s exactly why meeting with a pediatric dentist near you is going to be worthwhile.

Types of Mouthguards

There are three basic sorts of mouthguards:


A custom-fitted mouthguard is the simplest option. It is because it suits your mouth perfectly. It is made by taking an impression of your teeth and tends to be costlier than the other versions. The custom-fitted guard is also customized and most frequently offer an easy fit.

Pre-Made or Stock 

These are inexpensive and worn immediately. They are frequently made using a foam material. But these mouthguards do not always fit the mouth well. This may make breathing and talking difficult.

Boil and Bite 

These mouth protectors are often bought at most sports equipment and drugstores. They typically offer a far better fit, unlike stock mouth guards.

They are initially relaxed in water (bubbled), at that point embedded and permitted to adjust to your mouth. However, they typically do not fit like a custom-made mouthguard and should still feel bulky.

Benefits of Custom Sports Mouthguards 

  • Prevent dislodged teeth
  • Prevent damage to teeth
  • Custom-made to suit correctly and comfortably
  • Ensures the teeth, tongue, lips, as well as jaw in healthy condition
  • Reduce the risk of more costly and invasive dental procedures

Caring for Your Mouthguard 

Get the foremost protection from your mouthguard by following these general steps:

  • Rinse your mouthguard after every use or brush with a toothbrush, cleanser, and water if possible.
  • Clean it on a daily basis in cool, soapy water Make sure you rinse the mouthguard thoroughly and permit it to air dry.
  • Store and carry the mouthguard in a sturdy vented container.
  • Never leave the mouthguard under the sunshade.

Custom MouthguardsNear Me 

To get your custom mouthguards, make an appointment with an experienced pediatric dentist near you. We offer custom mouthguards to patients who are not simply limited to one area rather. Benefits are additionally accessible in encompassing areas, including Alief, West Houston, Westchase, Mission Bend, or South-West Houston. Visit us today!

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