Oral Sedation for Your Child: How to Prepare?

Oral Sedation for Your Child: How to Prepare?

Sep 01, 2020

Sedation is used for a wide variety of procedures – from imaging to surgery. Oral sedation is an excellent low-risk option for anxious children. The best part is that it makes the child awake the entire time. Pediatric dentists are well trained to spot any danger signs in the mouth of kids. They monitor every step during the dental procedure so that your child will stay relaxed.

Common medicines used for oral sedation include Triclofos Sodium, Chloral Hydrate, and Midazolam. They allow the little one to sleep without causing any concern. Professionals at Pediatric Dental Wellness offer optimal care while making them feel right at home.

Signs You Need Oral Sedation for Your Kid

Here are signs that show you need oral sedation for your little one for the next dental procedure:

  • Have dental anxiety
  • Your kid is having invasive dental surgery
  • The dental procedure is time-consuming

Benefits of Oral Sedation

Below are the perks of oral sedation:

1. Minimal Side Effects

The biggest benefit of oral sedation is that it has few side effects in comparison to other dental sedation methods.

2. Last Long

It also lasts for a long time. Once the effects of sedation evade, the kid is ready to return home.

3. No Use of Needles

Most of the children have a phobia of needles. Since oral sedation is taken orally before the appointment without being pricked by the dentist, your little one doesn’t need to worry.

4. Responsive

With oral sedation, pediatric dentists address the needs of kids in one visit. Although your kid may feel sleepy with pill, he will still feel responsive and awake.

5. Amnesic Effect

Benzodiazepines when offered in the strong dose cause patients to have little to no memory. This is excellent for children with dental fear because they will not remember anything after they were sedated.

6. Easy to Manage 

Your dentist will ask you to have a pill to keep the child calm during the procedure. As you know, oral sedation is the simple sedation because the patient needs to swallow the pill one hour before the appointment. This allows the dentist to do his or her job peacefully without any disturbance.

Is Oral Sedation Safe for Kids?

Since all types of Oral sedation for kids are regulated by the FDA, thus it is safe. It makes the child feel comfortable and calm throughout the dental procedure. It does not cause an allergic reaction. As each kid is different, your dentist will want to evaluate the health history and other concerns of your child before the procedure.

There are also other considerations in picking the options for each treatment. Consult an experienced pediatric dentist in Houston to identify the ideal choices for your little one.

How to Prepare Your Child for Oral Sedation?

Below are the things you need to do before and following your kid’s treatment for oral sedation:

  • Dress your kid in comfortable and lose clothes.
  • Be completely honest about your health history of your little one and any medication that is in use. Also, report, reactions, or allergies to the medicines.
  • Avoid your kid to avoid any heavy workout until the effects of oral sedation wear off. This will differ depending on the medication used. Thus, the response will always not be the same.
  • Avoid telling your little one to eat or drink six hours before the oral sedation appointment unless the pediatric dentist tell
  • Bring a cute animal toy or blanket to keep the child feel at ease
  • If they wear a diaper at night, wear them to the dental procedure too
  • Ask your kid to drink a lot of fluids (mainly water) to stay hydrated after the dental appointment
  • Always have another adult with you so that you can sit with the child and monitor on the way home.
  • If your child is having a fever or signs of a cold or illness, reschedule the appointment with Houston pediatric dentist immediately.

As a parent, it is essential to make your child’s teeth and gum healthy and strong. Sedation dentistry is when your little one gets sedation medicines with dental treatment. Types of sedation used include IV, oral, deep, and inhaled. Consult skilled Houston TX at Pediatric Dental Wellness. They use oral sedation to help kids calm down during dental procedures and give parents a high peace of mind.

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