Custom Sports Mouthguards

Custom Sports Mouthguards in Houston, TX

The mouth is one of the essential components of your body. It is how you eat, how you speak, how you drink, and how you can breathe. When a part of the mouth is damaged, it can have a lasting effect on overall health and wellness. Contact sports, in particular, can cause permanent injuries. To help our patients avoid these complications, we offer custom sports mouthguards in Houston, TX.

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What Is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is an essential oral appliance designed to protect the teeth, gums, and soft tissues. While some models are firm and used to treat conditions like bruxism and obstructive sleep apnea, we at Pediatric Dental Wellness create custom sports options.

A custom sports mouthguard is designed to reduce injuries during sports like football and soccer. The appliance consists of a piece of molded rubber that sits comfortably between the teeth. The rubber is soft and does not damage the teeth, but prevents them from slipping or cracking together.

The Process

When you visit our office, you receive comfortable treatment using the latest techniques and technology. To create the ideal custom mouthguard, we create a template of the patient’s bite using traditional and more advanced methods.

Completing a custom sports mouthguard can be completed in a single appointment if you want a basic rubber mold. If you would like something more durable and personalized, we can create a mold of the mouth and send it to our dental lab. After two weeks, you can return to our office and get the mold.

Our kid’s dentist in Houston will ensure that your child’s dental health is carefully looked into and a mouthguard is created accordingly.

Who Needs a Mouthguard?

If your child is going to be competing in a contact sport like football, it is important to have a fitted mouthguard. When someone is tackled, it is easy to bite down on the tongue or teeth, causing permanent injuries. For health and safety, you should ensure your child is fully protected with the proper equipment and it is exactly why an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Missouri City will be worthwhile.

How to Receive Treatment

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