General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia in Houston, TX

Are you looking for a pediatric dentist in Houston? At Pediatric Dental Wellness in Houston, we love seeing our patients. However, many individuals experience intense feelings of fear or anxiety when they need to seek out medical or dental treatment. Sometimes this reaction is caused by negative past experiences, but it can also be an issue for patients with certain mental or neurological conditions.

We believe everyone should be able to receive the dental care they need. This is why our kids’ dentist near you offers sedation dentistry in Houston at varying levels up to general anesthesia. For years, we have rendered our services to the People of Southwest Houston, West Houston, West chase, Mission Bend, Sharps town and Meadows Place, Sugarland, Missouri City and Four Cornegb.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a modern field that focuses on treating patients while they are under the effects of sedatives. A sedative is a medication or substance that instills the individual who ingests it with a sense of calm or peace. Sedatives have long been a type of medication available, but dentists have only recently begun to utilize them to address the needs of patients.

At Pediatric Dental Wellness, our patients can receive different levels of sedation depending on their needs and desires. Our dentist and staff prefer to start at the lower levels and work their way up based on how well a patient reacts to the medication. Individuals who have had negative reactions to certain medications need to inform our office before treatment is administered.

The following levels are available:

  • Minimal
  • Moderate
  • Deep
  • General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia

When a patient is given general anesthesia, they are temporarily rendered unconscious. At this level, they are not lucid and will be unable to respond to external stimuli. This level is reserved for patients who experience severe reactions towards treatment. Multiple staff will be present during the appointment to monitor the administration and the patient’s reaction to the medication.

How to Receive

Anyone interested in sedation dentistry near them, particularly general anesthesia, needs to inform our office when setting up an appointment. Our dentist will prepare the patient or their guardian and ask questions about current medications and potential reactions. This is to help ensure the appointment goes smoothly, and there are no negative reactions to the sedatives.

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