Teen Teeth Bleaching

Teen Teeth Bleaching in Houston, TX

When you look in the mirror, are you satisfied with the appearance of your teeth? Many people are not because the surface of their smile is stained from regular activities like smoking, drinking coffee, consuming tea or wine, or taking some basic medications. To counteract the effects of these activities, you can invest in teeth bleaching.

Teeth bleaching, also called teeth whitening, is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around the globe. Our pediatric dentists in Houston at Pediatric Dental Wellness offer teen teeth bleaching in Houston, TX, to help our younger patients overcome the effects of dental

What Is Teeth Bleaching?

When you visit us to have your teeth bleached, you get to work directly with our capable dentist. During treatment, we apply a layer of peroxide gel to the surface of the dental enamel. A guard is placed around your gums to protect them.

Once all of the gel is in place, we expose it to a special light, which breaks down the peroxide into pure oxygen. The oxygen seeps into the first few layers of the teeth and lifts away stains caused by regular activities.

When you receive our professional treatment, it is possible to create teeth that are eight shades whiter than before.

Can Teens Have Their Teeth Bleached?

Teeth whitening is ideal for older teenagers who are fifteen years of age or older. The procedure is only performed on patients who have healthy teeth and gums, so it is important for you to receive regular cleanings and exams to maintain optimal oral health.

Is It Safe?

People often worry that teeth bleaching will weaken or damage their teeth. Our dentist uses a rigorously tested formula designed not to affect the structural integrity of the teeth. The only potential side effect is a mild sensitivity to temperature changes, which fades after 24 to 72 hours.

How to Receive Treatment

If you are looking for a dentist that offers teen teeth bleaching in Houston, TX, contact us at Pediatric Dental Wellness today. Our office staff can schedule your initial appointment and consultation during our flexible hours, and our dentist can then tell you whether or not treatment is right for you.

Patients in South-west Houston, West Houston, and West chase, Mission Bend, Sharpstown, Meadows place, Sugarland and also Missouri City and Four Corner can now access teeth bleaching services. Looking for a kids’ dentist near you? Call us and book an appointment.

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