Traditional Braces are Still the Top Choice in Many Instances

Traditional Braces are Still the Top Choice in Many Instances

Nov 14, 2019

There are a lot of choices on the market today when it comes to straightening your teeth, including clear aligners. And while clear aligners definitely have their use and perform well for mild straightening, there is still no substitute for serious straightening than traditional braces.

We know at Pediatric Dental Wellness that traditional braces may not always be a patient’s first choice in Houston, that’s why we’re committed to working with each patient individually to determine which treatment method will work best for their unique situation.

The Advancements Made in Traditional Braces

There’s a stereotype out there that traditional braces can be painful to wear. It’s true that there is an adjustment period to wearing them – just as there is an adjustment period to wearing clear aligners. There have been many advancements made in the comfort factor of traditional braces, so don’t let the thought of having something new in your mouth prevent you from making the best choice for the long term.

Traditional Braces Now Offer a Clearer Alternative to Straighter Teeth

We’ve found at Pediatric Dental Wellness that the number one reason most patients are afraid of wearing traditional braces is that they don’t want to have the so-called mouth full of metal. That’s why we offer a clearer alternative to straighter teeth with ceramic braces – also called clear braces. We’ve also found that this alternative is the treatment of choice for adults who want to finally take control of their smile! That’s right, if you’ve always regretted not having braces as a child, you now have a clear opportunity to take control of your smile as an adult.

Time Flies Quicker Than Imagined When Wearing Traditional Braces in Houston

Another reason many patients dread the thought of wearing traditional braces is the time factor. But again, because of the many advancements made, the timeline for wearing braces has been reduced. We also find that most patients are surprised to learn the treatment time is less than they first imagined. When you visit Pediatric Dental Wellness, we’ll be able to recommend a treatment plan which includes a timeline.

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